• Our deepest sympathy to the family of Ruby Anne Robert’s mother of Janice Sisco, motherinlaw of Tyrone Sisco passed away on Thursday.  Funeral services was in Cookeville last week. Pray for Tyrone and family.
  • Our brother Roy Bolhuis, age 81, of the Pacesetters ministry, finished his race, last Saturday night, February 6. We extend our condolences to his niece, Julie Scott, his sister and brother-in-law, Ethel and Roger Grunch, who are Julie’s parents, their family, and the entire Pacesetters ministry. Roy made Jesus Lord and was baptized four years ago at age 77.


  • Donnie Kay had recent back surgery due to a fractured disk very close to her spinal cord. She is receiving rehab.
  • Joel Price had recent hernia surgery.
  • James Smith continues his battle with cancer.
  • Kiena Price is receiving radiation treatments five days a week.
  • Laurie Capron is recovering from surgery on her arm.
  • Eddie Wiseman has been diagnosed with a fractured vertebra.
  • Joella Randall is being scheduled for further surgery on her right shoulder.
  • Marene Thomas is being treated for kidney problems.


  • Nathan Rowe requests prayers for his 87-year-old father Alfred Rowe, who tested positive this week for Covid-19, and was also diagnosed recently with heart failure.
  • Patrice Gray loves visits, but the rehab center where she lives is not allowing visitors due to Covid-19. As you can imagine, this is very difficult for Patrice. Please send cards of encouragement to Patrice at: Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation, Room 311-A, 329 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37210.

Family and Friends:

  • Bruce Mackie’s mother, Mary Lee, has been diagnosed with cancer and is unable to care for herself at this time. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
  • Melinda Hart is petitioning for prayers for her mother, as she goes through tests to access a mass discovered on her liver. 
  • Darnell Hill started rehab in the hospital, which is a big step. He still has many issues cognitively and physically, as he is still in and out, unable to remember or comprehend some things, but he is making small, steady progress. Please pray for God’s healing touch and for comfort for the family.
  • Delisa Helton’s mother Loretta Lloyd has been undergoing radiation treatment for lung cancer.
  • Cathy Freiberger’s sister-in-law Lisa Coffman is continuing to receive chemo treatments for metastatic breast cancer in her right lung. A new CT scan showed that the mass has shrunk from 15 centimeters to 9 or 10 centimeters!  She was also able to get a port, which has really helped her treatments go more smoothly.  Prayers are also needed that her white blood cell count won’t drop further.
  • Cathy Freiberger is requesting prayers for her friend Cheryl Mizzell who is continuing intensive weekly radiation and chemo treatments for cancer in her neck.  Please also pray for her nausea from the treatments to improve.
  • Sheila Bowen requests prayers for her cousin Linda who is being treated for stage four cancer.
  • Diane Brown requests prayers for Nayibe, a disciple in Bogota, Colombia, who is recovering from surgery for breast cancer.
  • Joella Randall and Cheryl Maner request prayers for their mom Carolyn Payne, who is struggling with Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Barry Holt requests prayers for his 92-year-old mother Erma, who fell again, and for Barry’s stepfather Will, who is receiving radiation treatments for cancer.
  • Jesse Kay’s daughter-in-law Jennie Kay is receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer.
  • Wendell Bolton’s sister Verita Bolton-Moses has been diagnosed with stage four cancer.
  • Victoria Henry requests continued prayers for her mother Jennifer Lambert who recently completed chemo treatments for pancreatic cancer and needs to gain weight.
  • Mike Engel’s cousin Keith Engel has had a recurrence of cancer.
  • Dan Leonard’s sister Laura Leonard is being treated for cancer with hormone therapy.
The Greater Nashville Church participates in charitable giving programs through Kroger and Amazon Smile.  These are opportunities for the church to receive contributions from these businesses based on your normal spending with these companies.  But you need to let them know that GNC is your preferred charitable organization.
  • Kroger – You must have a Kroger Plus card/account.  Log in to your account online (you may have to register first).  Go to Community Rewards on the left menu about halfway down the page.  The GNC organization number is WM542.  Be sure to re-enroll in this program at least annually.
  • Amazon Smile – You must have an Amazon account to participate in this program.  To enroll, go to and login to your Amazon account as you normally would.  You should see the link at the top of the page, just under the search bar, that will allow you to select a charity.  Click on the link and search for our name, Greater Nashville Church.
  • If we all participate in these programs, it would likely result in a few thousand dollars of additional revenue each year. 
  • This would be a great way to help cover the cost of the new playground for our children’s ministry in 2020!  
  • Please contact Nathan Rowe (615.596.6748) with any questions. 


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